ensera apai saloi

One day in a land called Panggau Libau, Apai Saloi enthroned himself ; with the help of his friends as the leader of the rakyat. He promised to give and share all the wealth of the country with the rakyat and promised to put the rakyat’s interest first rather than his or his family members’ interest. He was dedicated and Panggau Libau grew tremendously. The people liked him and let him rules for many years.

One by one the family members started to own more land and even managed to buy the rakyat’s soul. Suddenly the rakyat’s eyes were opened becoz whenever Apai Saloi help to sell the fruits of the land he managed to keep at least half for himself even sharing with his family members and they became rich and richer and richer. By then the rakyat started to realized things but were unable to do anything becoz he did his duties well even though along the ways got wealthy with the rakyat’s produces……

He grew old and told the rakyat to let his son take over from him. His son with no experience in handling the rakyat’s needs agreed becoz he just love having the wealth. But It is still in the rakyat’ hands, they can choose too or not too…..So choose wisely..