Penuras air RM700

model aowa..MURAH!!! APA TUNGGU LAGI..

masih baru..1 tahun waranti..harga asal kedai rm2499

dijual dengan harga rm700 + harga pos rm50

HARGA masih boleh runding..

atau phone: 0135742786.

lebih lanjut..sila layari laman web aowa..


murah, jimat dan senang digunakan..
murah, jimat dan senang digunakan..


AOWA GOOD WATER SYSYEM consists of 7 highly density & advanced cylinders with 7 filtration processes to restore water to it best natural form. The BIO Systems, energizes and breaks the water into smaller molecules clusters.

Step 1 Cartridge: Nano Membrane Filtration
Nano of the good water’s nano membrane filter in Japan technology is a pioneer high-tech major material TiO2 and which practically has been applied to dairy, food/beverage, biotechnology and water treatment. It has more than 100-billionmicroscopic holes of the size of 0.1 micro-particles while retaining healthful minerals of drinking water, bacteria removal from water. Ceramic membrane advantages are resistance to acid and cleaning solution, consistent pore size and membrane life extend compare to organic membrane.

Step 2 Catridge : Primary Purification
Granular Activated Carbon & Kdf (Kinetic degradation fluxion) in USA technology absorbs and remove unpleasant odours, colours and trihalomethanes and organic chemical and chorine, iron, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide and other contaminants from the dissolved in water.

Step 3 Cartridge: Secondary Purification
Granular Silver Activated Carbon & Ion Exchange Resign in German technology anti-bacteria, absorbs unpleasant odours, colours and toxic substances such as chlorine, trihalomethans, organic chemicals and even radioactive compounds and remove residual chemicals and toxins which include heavy metalics ion and dissolved toxic gases (methane and hydrogen sulfide).

Step 4 cartridge: Alkalinising Purification
Granular Silver Activate Carbon & Alkali Beads in japan technology anti-bacteria, absorbs unpleasant odours, colours and toxic substances such as chlorine, organic chemicals and PH balancing (Alkalinise), improve the taste.

Step 5 cartridge: Mineralisation
Exclusive complex of super mineral stones and GE1 ceramic beads and Granular activated carbon, infuse water with a wide spectrum of ionic and various usable trace minerals.

Step 6 cartridge: Energy Converter
The newly developed energy ceramic beads GW9 activate water’s life force. The water regains healthful energy, enriched with oxygen restructured into small hexagonal clusters. Energy converter is packed with GW9 ceramic beads which emit FIR (Far-Infrared Rays), a form of electromagnetic waves that vibrate and energize the water restructured into small hexagonal clusters.

Step 7 Cartridge: Energy Maximization
The newly developed GW99 energy beads maximize the energy of reduced water (rich active hydrogen water) complete vital water production the front cartridges. The resulting water is good water that is safe and good for drinking and healthy for the body due to rich with oxygen, minerals to reduce water and water clusters.

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