Wind Struck (2004) free download movie

  • Audio – Korean
  • Subtitles – English
  • Year – 2004
  • Genre – Melodrama
  • Duration – 123 min


  • Jeon Ji-hyeon
  • Jang Hyeok
  • Jeong Ho-bin
  • Jeon Jae-hyeong

Bad tempered police officer Kyung Jin (Jun Ji Hyeon) has zero tolerance for crime. When she spots a guy running down the street holding a purse and an old lady giving chase, Kyung Jin runs him down and beats the living tar out of him. The culprit claims that he is innocent; that his name is Myung Woo (Chang Hyuk) and a high school art teacher, and that he was simply chasing down the real culprit who stole the old lady’s purse.

A few days later, Myung Woo returns to the police station to do his “community service” by riding with a police officer to observe local law enforcement. Much to his surprise, he is paired with “Dirty Harriet” for the ride. As if pairing up with the rather ballsy Kyung Jin wasn’t bad enough, Myung Woo is pulled along when she spots a large drug deal going down, with all the thugs carrying submachine guns and all she had was a six-shooter! But as they say… opposites attract!

Download :


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8


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